Virtual event production at Zero design studios.

It is not just this time when the inception of virtual event production came into objective reality, it was started way back. But past 8-9 months of this pandemic has accelerated us to think about how we can evolve during this pandemic.

When we talk about virtual event a clear question that appears is how virtual event production can be done or who will be doing it for you?

It seems difficult to visualize the outcome; we at zero design studios help our client to take over the responsibility of providing dedicated end to end support in production /organizing virtual events.

We assist clients in creative content productions, video, and multimedia shows, event concept, stage designing & shoot.

Establishing the scope and budget plays a key role before carrying out the virtual event since scope definition gives a clear picture as to what all work will be done as well as the cost involved.

There is a huge potential for virtual events, with virtual shows there is no limit of what can be done, we can replicate and enhance the physical event experience using augmented reality, VFX & Motion graphics.

At Zero design studios, we are committed to producing awesome yet interactive, visually appealing shows/events with a catchy theme that helps in adding value and reaching out to a wide audience.

We do product launches, R&R’s, Conferences, Exhibitions & Special Events for different brands in accordance with their brief and storyboard the entire show. 

If you wish to have a walk around of our service offering you can review our website ,if you don’t find the information satisfactory you may write to us or can give us a shout through contact us section.